Tell us about yourself?
My Names are Damilo Kingsley Israel, from the family of five, two girls and three boys I’m the first son of the family and the third born of the house, am a very simple person and uncomplicated human being, love being myself @ all cost, love making friends, I love games so much most especially, snooker…lols…most of all, I love eating….. (Laughing).
How long have you been into music?
I started music @ the age of 12 as a drummer, and as of then, music was an inbuilt device in me, naturally I grew up seeing myself in music, though my parent were not in support of the move but with time they saw how fast the game was moving and growing and it was turning me into a public figure and they decide to give me a helping hands and parental advice then I started Music production properly in the year 2006 till date, in 2013 I was among the nominees of the Gospelite Music Award as one of The Best and youngest Music Producer in Kaduna, so have been into music for 15years now. There were so many challenges in the industry, but with God, all things were possible, it wasn’t easy though, but God really showed me love and saw me through the rough lanes…
Who is your mentor?
My mentors are; Lagbaja, 2face, Fred Hammond, Tombrus (the world best keyboardist), Marvin sap, Tony rooster Jrn, then my humble self….
When growing up do you ever see yourself a superstar one day?
What inspired you into music?
Music is in me, I grew up with it and I found myself doing it
What kind of music are you into?DAMZ
My kinds of music are; RnB, soul, dance Hall, Reggae, traditional, more of rock…
What was the first song you recorded, and how was the experience like?
The first song I recorded was “MAGODE” It was I actually the first song I ever wrote. When I was in my secondary school, the experience was cool, cos it was actually in me, though life in general decide to treat base on how u handle it, (were me go dance get money, if you go there, na beatings you chop comot) u know what that means! I rest my case…
Why do you choose to use damz as your stage name instead of your real name?
My stage name was derived from my Real name DAMILO, just remove the last three letters and add Z to it…. (Chapter close about the name) lols…..
Do you have an album?
How many do you have?
I have two albums in the market!
Tell us about it?
The first album HE KNOWS YOUR NAME was release on 8 October 2012 and the second album REWRITING YOUR STORY was Release on 4 April 2014 and seriously the albums have gone so far that I can’t even say…
How do you handle music and school?
School and music is very complicated, but this God I save does his own things his own way, things are fine when it comes to that…no issues.
What do you look up into the music industry?
In music industry there so many challenges, if you are not strong you can’t stand it, but it pays a lot, as it is now, I look beyond my own expectations….
Any advice for the upcoming musicians and for you fans?
my advice to the upcoming artist, the truth about this is that, if truly you want to be far in this industry, u need to stay humble, learn to tolerate, learn to be Patience, know what you want, be focus, most of all, be VERY PRAYERFUL, cos it helps…for my fans, expect the best from me and always pray for me and my partners in music, though it’s not easy as you think….thanks a lot…love you all…
Give us your social network handler so that your fans can reach you?
Twitter>>>@damiloisrael, facebook>>>Damilo dams israel

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