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News: An_interview_with_Karami_on_complicated EP.

Nice having you around Mr Karami on this interview. please Tell us a little about yourself?


My full name is Genesis Karami Moses, I’m an indigent of Kaduna State (Northern Nigeria), from a family of 6 with 3 sisters and I’m the only boy, I am a Theologian studying at Jos ECWA Theological seminary popularly known as JETS.

We heard you are releasing an EP, what’s it Titled?

The EP is Titled Complicated



HMMM!!! Why Complicated?

Ok Complicated as it is complicated, well the EP (I mean all the songs) is a loud thought of what is in my head or mind so to say. At some point in my life as a theologian I got stocked, a lot of things was running through my mind especially in philosophy class and church history, hearing a lot of things about how the church and how people reasoned just kept in me in awe at how alike the church is with past history. So #Complicated as much as people would think is a song is actually as I said an outburst of what I am struggling with personally, some I’m getting the answers and some God is still working on me.

Wow! I cant wait to Listen to this great work, How many songs are in the EP?

Nine songs (I’d like to call them questions and answers)

So Do you have a best track?

Hahahahahahahaha wow ok, it sounds like you asking a mother of her favorite child.

Just like I said these songs are all issues I needed answers to, so the question I think should be which of them is the most troubled issue you had to address and to that I would say FAYA.



Automatically I can’t go to some certain churches to present FAYA but in Nigeria and beyond, the idea that this has become a system of believe to some certain sect of believers and I’m out rightly saying it is wrong and I’m not too far away from them (LOL) I’m with them here in Nigeria.

When are you releasing the Album?


Complicated EP is to be released on the 25 of June 2017.

Amazing! What should we expect?

Revelationmusik! i can only say that 25 is going to be LIT, we are having great guys come over, it going to be a wonderful time in God’s presence Guys like Vbliaz, Jay Mun, EFF ELL, Stage one, Joy Adejoh, Haye, JoeB, Streetz, Minikir guys let me not tell you everything here but it’s going to be a wonderful time in God’s presence we gon’ Turn Up!

And this is coming first on revelationmusik.com the video for complicated drops soon! It was shot in Jos and I had a couple of friends on it like Streetz of DPER, so expect it.

Hahahaha ok You are a Theologian you said, so how do you combine music and Ministry?

Well ummmm for me music is a platform to do ministry honestly but take away music bro and preaching still continues. So I don’t try to combine I just do both, one is just a means and the other is the end.


So what do you have to say to your listeners?

First of all I hope you are following you me @KaramiLive on facebook lol.

Guys I need your prayers, you know that stuff they teach on Geography about how the higher you go the cooler it becomes? Ok guys reverse it and that’s what you get in being a public figure, the fight becomes fierce when you go out to preach the word of God. And keep expecting deep songs because our source never gets dry, we would just be getting better.

Can you drop your Social Media Handle so people can connect with you?

Facebook: @karamiLive

Twitter: @I_amKarami

Instagram: @I_amKarami


Thank you very much Mr Karami for your time.

The pleasure is Mine



Download Songs Here



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